ODP Smileys: Complete Page

This is the complete ODP Smileys page, there is also a 'Quick Reference Guide' available.

The Smiley Construction Kit (V1.2)

Do you have a desire to produce smileys, but not the artistic talent to do it...? Well now you too can produce your own, with the time-saving, easy to use Smiley Construction Kit.

Just download this 3.97Kb zipped Photoshop file: smilies-kit-1_2.zip
and you will have everything you need to start making your own smileys.

You will require a full copy of Photoshop to use this kit, the LE version does not support sufficient layers. The kit also works in Paintshop Pro 6 and Fireworks 2/3. It may also work in other graphics applications, I just haven't been able to try it. Simply pick the layers you want, then save off the file as a GIF. Simple.

You can, of course, add extra layers of your own. If you make any good ones, please send them to me and I'll put them in the 'official' version.
The original kit was provided by an anonymous submitter. Eye patch added by zilko.

The Smileys

The listing shows the smiley, the symbols that will turn into the smiley when used in the forum and also the new alternative codes, which are apparently supposed to be easier to remember.

Original Smileys


Smileys that did make it

From newwave


From imla

8-p{greentongue}Before it went properly green...
88-{clover}{shamrock} also works
{pig}On ChefMoz you can also use {spork} - Dmoz only editors, don't ask

From rpfuller

/0\{penguin2}Penguin 2
8-p{greentongue}Corrected version

From glynis


From moof


From larrycampbell


From edwin


From timotten


From cdenton

/O\{penguin1}Penguin 1

From lexxcat


From tnt

:>{penguin3}Penguin 3

From etoile


From enarra


Anonymous donation

-){see-no-evil}-) Must have spaces around it
:-{speak-no-evil}:- Must have spaces around it

From babalon


From zilko


From oznurse (Resubmitted by randyescalada)


From thelem


From http://dmoz.org


From mwaf


From coloma


From cptginyu


From ...


Smileys awaiting decision/Smileys that haven't made it...

These are smileys that won't (at the moment) work in the ODP forums, but you might be able to find some other use for them...

From oznurse

  • From babalon

  • From imla

  • {cake}
  • {carrots}
  • {chocolate}
  • {dark}
  • From glynis

  • From moof

  • :-/
  • From randyescalada

  • {purpgrin}

    Anonymous donation

  • Submitted by e-mail

  • Richard P. Fuller [ODP editor: rpfuller]