SEG Syllabus 2120 (Modern World) Contents

1. Introduction
Change in the twentieth century

2. Peacemaking with Germany – Treaty of Versailles

3. Peacemaking with Germany’s Allies – 1923-23

4. Interwar diplomacy and League of Nations

5. Germany
Weimar Government
Hitler’s Rise
Life in Nazi Germany

6. Causes of World War II – Hitler’s foreign policy

7. Russia/USSR

8. Background and Introduction to the Cold War

9. The Cold War Inside Europe

10. The Cold War Outside Europe - Korean War, Cuban Missile Base Crisis

Notes regarding the SEG syllabus

SEG Modern World is in three sections:

  1. Coursework 25% marks (USA)
  2. Examination 37.5% marks
  3. Examination 37.5% marks (Germany and USSR)

Historical Skills Required

GCSE requires each candidate to:

  1. Recall, select and clearly communicate the content of the syllabus
  2. Describe, analyse and explain the content of the syllabus
  3. Identify, use and interpret primary and secondary sources relevant to the syllabus
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