ODP Smileys: Quick Reference Guide

:-p {tongue} 8-|{greenneutral}X-){toomuch}
8-( {greensad} 8-){greenhappy}[|:){hat}
>8-( {meangreen} >:-P{madtongue}88-{clover}
8-p {greentongue} >8-P {yuk} (-: {upside}
B-) {glasses} |:-o {surprised} <^> {canada}
{:) {nurse} ^-^ {vulcan}   {heart}
|_D {mug}   {pink}   {bottle}
  {empty}   {sadblue}   {splat}
:8) {smirk} :8-D {bigsmirk} ;-P {tonguewink}
  {star}   {blankstare}   {troll}
  -)   {see-no-evil}   :-   {speak-no-evil}   {chef}
  {pig} ==-* {tnt}   {aussie}
P-) {pirate}   {yawn}   {yum}
8-D {greengrin}   {bump}   {phantomwink}
  {phantomfrown} (o; {bignosewink-upside} (o: {bignose-upside}
  {palmtree}   {vacation}   {purplegrin}
  {purplehappy}   -->       {warning}
  {nirvana}   {question}   <--    
  {yellowgrin}   {stop}   {ginyu}
  {pony}   {flower}   {my2cents}
:-/ {wrygrin}   {apple}   {demure}
  {disguised}   {monacle}   {oops}
  {yy}   {lbluehappy}   {feeling_blue}
  {ghost}   {sun}   {bug}

If you have a JavaScript browser you can try the mini reference guide, which is a small window that only shows the smiley graphics. Clicking on one gives the code in a text box, which you can copy.

For the full version, which also includes information about who submitted each smiley, a list of all suggested but not implemented smileys, and the Smiley Construction Kit, please visit the 'Complete Smileys Page'.

Richard P. Fuller [ODP editor: rpfuller]
Created at the request of etoile