Photographs: By R.T. Fuller

New Court, Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College

A selection of photographs of Emmanuel College, including the buildings, trees, and wildlife.

Kings College, Cambridge


A small selection of photographs taken around Cambridge.

Scarborough Headland

Scarborough and Seamer

A range of pictures taken in Scarborough, Seamer, and the surrounding area. Includes photographs of the headland, Burton Riggs, and St. Martin's Church, Seamer.

Scarborough Headland

Scarborough (2)

More photographs of Scarborough, including the castle, harbour, sea front, and the sea front at night.


Fireworks (Scarborough)

Photographs taken of fireworks, at a display by the sea front in Scarborough.



Photographs that didn't fit into the other categories.

All the photographs in this section were taken by, and are copyright, Richard T. Fuller. They are displayed here with permission.

By R.T. Fuller
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